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  • History of Hermitage

    A Club Filled with History

    bigpicHermitage Golf Club invites you to leaf
    through the pages of history and discover how this magnificent piece of golfing territory that came into
    the possession of the founding fathers. And magnificent it is; to quote our own Willie G. Fallon,
    S.C., a mid 20th century scribe and golfing enthusiast. “In the midst of gorgeously wooded lands that
    slope gently towards a four mile river valley of great charm are the golf links of the Hermitage Club.
    There are no public highways or garden walls to be negotiated here, no gable ends of villas to catch the
    eye: only giant timber, undulating ground and a stretch of the tree fringed and tranquil river Liffey.
    “There are massive oaks of several varieties, even evergreens, an avenue of flowering lime trees,
    lofty wych elms, the largest sycamore in County Dublin, and new plantations introduced in vacant
    spaces left by old stalwarts which succumbed to winter winds and the ravages of time…” So what is the story of this precious piece of land which the founding fathers of the club, in their wisdom,
    decided to lease and turn into a golf course in the year 1905....... below we have put together a view into the history of Hermitage Golf Club

  • A look at where we started 

  • The Legends of Hermitage

  • The Founding of the Club

  • The Ladies of Hermitage (the early years)

  • War Time First and Second World Wars

  • Early Members, Stories and the Course

  • Hermitage Makes History

  • A Change of Club House and a Changing club

  • The Monday Golfers